Townhall 8 Anti GoWiPe Clan War Base Layout

Hey everyone, Welcome to another article! In our previous article, we have listed out TH8 AntiHog War Base Layouts. If you haven’t checked it out, kindly do check! We the team of TH8 Clan War Base Blog are going to list out the most effective base against GoWipe, It is one of the most powerful war attacks!

Gowipe is basically the combo of Golems, Wizards, Pekka and some other troops such as wall breaker to funnel the Golems. Townhall 8 is the place where lot’s of new troops are available such as Hogs, Golem, Valkyrie, Pekka, etc. As Gowipe is extremely powerful many people are using it.

If you base is often getting destroyed by the Gowipe in Clan wars then you are at the right place. Here we have the best collection of TH8 Anti Gowipe Bases for Clan Wars. We hope you guys, will enjoy reading it 🙂

Are you tired of googling to find the best TH8 Gowipe Base? If yes, then don’t worry. We have collected various bases which are available on the Internet and used them on our account to test the bases how good they are!

It’s really embarrassing sometimes especially if you are in a clan with professional or high-level players because your clan might lose the war due to your base was easily crushed by the opponent player. That’s why, It’s important to set a good base! Anyways, Lets Get Started! 

Powerful Townhall 8 Anti Gowipe Base’s for Clan War

Gowipe can easily destroy the bases which are extremely widespread or the defense portion is too spaced! Anyways, The opponent should funnel the troops to the interior of the base, if he doesn’t do that then the troops especially wizard and barbarian king will be diverted, and it won’t follow the golems! So, Always use the base which is quite packed with defenses.

Disclaimer: – We aren’t the creator nor designer of these bases. We have collected it from various sources! All the credit goes to the original author of these bases. 🙂

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TH8 Anti GoWipe Base for Clan War – Anti 3 Star

Guys, This base, is one of the most popular base used by a lot of town hall 8 players. And trust me, this base is extremely hard to get three stars with gowipe because once the golem enters into any of the defense portions it will be distracted, and every troop will be diverted.

 TH8 Anti Gowipe Base

As you can, See the Giant Bombs are placed inside near to the Townhall, which will be very effective against those level 4 hogs. Even if the opponent funnels the troops correctly, pekkas will be roasted by Tesla and those splash damage by Wizard towers will be perfect to destroy those wizards. Overall, I would say that is this one of my ideal bases, and it is incredibly powerful. It might be 2 starred but 3 starring it is quite challenging and needs perfect calculation.

I would highly suggest you to use this base for some weeks to test it out. Mostly it can’t be 3 starred by Gowipe. So, Kindly use it for 2-3 wars to know the average percentage of its destruction

Cons of this base: Well, It is perfect if your base is getting destroyed by Gowipe or Gohog! But sometimes it can be killed by the dragons. Well, If you are facing this type of base in clan war then use mass dragons rather than gowipe or gohog!

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We hope you have successfully implemented this base. If you have got good results then kindly let us know through comment section down below. Kindly smash the thumbs up button and share it with your friends on social media. If you wanted to know the best Anti Hog bases check it out! Bookmark our TH8 War Base Layout Blog for more amazing base layouts. Thank you, Stay tuned for more interesting article.


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  1. Thank you for this anti gowipe town hall 8.

  2. I want a perfect th8 base..which is anti gowipe and anti dragon.Please help me. A base which really attract evry1.

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