TH8 Anti GoHog War Base 2016

Hey everyone, Welcome to our another article. In our previous article, we have seen some amazing collection of TH8 Anti Gowipe War Base. We the team of TH8 Clan War Base blog has worked hard to provide you the best and useful bases. If you are the one who is looking to protect your clan war base against GoHog, then I have to say you are at the right article. 

GoHog / GoHo is basically a combination of Golem, Hogs, Wall Breaker and some wizards. According to me, GoHog is the most dominant strategy in Clash of Clans especially if you are TH 8 player.

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It will be really embarrassing in your clan because you base might be crushed by this powerful strategy (GoHog) and it might even result in losing the war just because you base was 3 starred by the opponent. Well, Don’t worry we have the correct solution for you.

GoHog strategy is first we have deploy golems where you have predicted there might be a giant bomb. And we need to funnel the golem inside the base till we trigger some traps or to kill the clan castle troops with the help of wizards and then we have to deploy hogs as per your wish.  

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TH8 Anti GoHo Clan War Base 2016

The weakness of Hogs are Giant Bombs, and the weakness of Golem are protecting all the defense by covering up with walls. The weakness of this strategy and also the primary purpose of using Golem is to trigger the giant bombs and to kill the clan castle troop.

So, Our team went on the search to find the best base, and we choose some base to test how well it performs in clan wars, to make sure that we provide you the best war base.

We have listed the best anti-GoHo bases if you are townhall 8 players. You just need to implement this base layout on your account.

Disclaimer: – We aren’t the owner nor creator nor designer of these bases. We have chosen the bases and listed it out here. All the credits goes to the original creditor. Thank you 🙂

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#1 Anti GoHog Base for war

As you can see the giant bombs are placed at the best place. Even if the golems break through the first layer of the wall on the top left side near Gold Storage, troops will be confused because even after destroying the archer tower or the cannon Golems wouldn’t proceed into the further interior. It will follow the air sweeper and then cannon on top right side of the base.

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Note: Even though the below picture of the base is townhall 9 player but he / she have used only the buildings which are available at TH8.

TH 8 Anti GoHo Clan War Base Layout

Even if the opponent starts from the bottom or bottom left / right there are good possibilities that your base can defend because those wizard tower and tesla towers can easily roast the hogs. And the storages are at the best place to slow down the destruction of wizards as these storages have huge health points. I would say this base has 80/100 possibilities of avoiding your base from getting 3 starred.

I would suggest you to test this base in 3-4 clan war to know the average destruction of the base. Your base might get 2 starred but 3 star isn’t gonna be easy with this base. So, Give a try 🙂

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We hope you have successfully implemented TH8 Anti GoHog base into your account. If you are a TH8 player then kindly bookmark our blog to get more interesting war bases. If you feel this base has helped you in clan war smash the share button and share it with your friends. Don’t hesitate to comment down below, we are happy to hear from you. Thank you so much! Stay Tuned!

Peace 😀

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