TH8 Anti 3 Star Clan War Base 2016

Hey, everyone. In our last article, we have provided you the best list of TH8 War Base 2016 if you haven’t checked it out then kindly have a look if you haven’t checked it. As you know, All the bases in the clash of clans can be 3 starred whoever it may be. Well, Townhall 8 can be easily 2 starred, or even 3 starred. If you are the one who is looking for a perfect TH8 Anti 3 star war base, then you are at the complete article. We the team of TH8 War Base spent a lot of time to provide you the valuable contents and amazing TH8 bases for clan war.

Anti 3 star bases work prefectly if you don’t want your base to be three starred. It will look like a simple and very easy base for the opponent, but it’s a trap. Usually, the opponent will start to deploy the troops on easier side and try to funnel it inside well it’s not going to happen in Anti 3 star bases as it will be tougher if the opponent starts on the easy side.

TH8 Anti 3 Star Base is super beneficial if you are going to use on the clan war. If you are on a high-level clan where all your clan mates are more professional nor high skilled players, then I would highly recommend you to have a good anti 3 star base so that you can get good name from your clan mates.

Best TH8 Anti 3 Star War Base of 2016

The Anti 3 Star base which I mention below will protect your base against Gowipe, Gohog, Dragon attacks. So, It is highly recommended to use it if you are facing getting destroyed by these powerful attack strategy.

Disclaimer: We aren’t the owners nor designers of these bases. We are just listing out. All credits go to the original creators.

TH8 Anti 3 Star Base

As you can see the base picture, the townhall is placed on the left side of the base. That is where the opponent thinks that starting from there can get 3 stars, but that’s the trap. If he starts from that side as soon as the player destroys the townhall and proceed’s further then the enemy have to face lots of traps that are all set to kill his / her troops.

Anti GoWipe Feature

GoWiPe is one of the most popular strategies in Clash of Clans.If the person uses GoWiPe against this base, then it won’t work. Although i would say, you needed to have max defense or max walls to defend properly. Most of the time the opponent will start from townhall side but after destroying the townhall the troops will be diverted and can’t move further inside the base. Thus, this Anti GoWipe base works pretty well.

Anti Dragon Feature

Mass Dragon or Dragloon is one of the most famous air attacks which are used in TH8. Many players war base getting crushed by these dragons. But in this base Air Defense have spread widely and far away this makes your base to be secure in Dragon attacks. And Air Sweeper can provide even more protection against air attacks. Thus, Dragons will be diverted or distracted.

Anti Hog Feature

Hogs are pretty powerful when they are used in group and with healing spell combination. But in this base Giant Bomb are placed in the deep core of the base. As soon as the hogs get near the interior of the base they will jump into the giant bomb section to destroy wizard tower but all the group of hogs will be dead due to the double giant bomb placement. So this base defends very well against hog.

We hope you will use this base for clan wars. If you wanted to see some more amazing collections of TH8 Bases then be updated with our blog for more interesting stuff. If you have any opinions, then let us know through comments.


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  1. Amazing war base.. Won 3 defences

    1. Anyone know where to put air sweeper?

  2. where do we put air sweeper??

  3. nice I love it

    1. Nice layout

  4. I have this bases I need something new m a max th8

  5. please help me out search me in the clan name Donate level 13 name as Wizard a max th8

  6. iam a th8 max player.this is the most anti drhon,gowipe bases i will seen

  7. Omg I love this base just won 5 wars ????

  8. its ma first make anti dragon base .lets
    chk it out ..

  9. post mentioning air sweeper, but wheres the air sweeper in this base? I need replay

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